Seafood in Halong bay

Seafood in Halong bay: Halong bay is well-known by the world natural heritage of the world and as a seven of the natural wonder in the world. It is attractive tourist coming here by the imposing scenery and unique the formation of lime stone islands and caves – grottoes. Furthermore, travel to halong bay, do not forget to try seafood, it is very special feature of Halong  bay. If you book a full day tour to visit Halong, you will enjoy the lovely fresh seafood lunch, you lunch will serve on the boat, you will enjoy a lunch while the boat cruising among of thousands of islands and islets. The boat cruise on the seafood farm where local people keep the fresh seafood, you are interested in seafood, tell the cruise team and your tour guide to buy the fresh Shrimp, Fishes, Squids, Crabs, Oysters, Clams, then order to cook on the boat by crews. The most seafood lunch is ordered before the trip coming, this way to do the best saving and quality of Royal Palace Cruise Halong bay. Our Halong trip always regards with Seafood that a special feature of Halong tours.

The travel to Halong bay with 2 days, 3 days. It is a full time of full seafood meals in Halong bay, your chance to try seafood  for all meals of Halong tours. The seafood will cooked by many different ways, always bring travelers with change taste from Halong seafood, if you enjoy a lunch with steamed shrimps, you will enjoy a dinner with fried shrimp. The seafood is not repetitive the same cooking ways, not the same kinds of materials. That will brings Halong seafood, is usually special taste and never be satiated of enjoying Halong Speciality.

Source: impresstravel