About Us

Royal Palace Cruise renovated in Nov 2016. This cruise is a 4-star cruise, features 14 cabins which divide into 4 main types: Deluxe Elegance Rooms, Deluxe Family Rooms, Ocean-view Rooms, Royal Suite Rooms. The cruise is made from high quality wood and steel to bring every traveller absolutely safe accommodation on Halong Bay.


We always keep organizing a high standard quality at a competitive prices to make sure that all of our guests feel happy to be on our tours. We promise and guarantee that you will be received more than what you pay for, we coud see it from our guests with thier happy smiles after the trip.


The classic beauty of the cruise will attract all the guests at the first glance. Among hundreds of boats and cruises in Halong Bay. We can say for sure that the Royal Palace Cruise is the unique one which was designed specially like a Royal Palace, totally different from any other cruises in Halong Bay. You will never see any one which looks similarly the Royal Palace Cruise.

Royal Palace Cruise